About Us

Samruddha Vishwa Foundation

Vision: Aims to empower every person to make positive change in physical, mental, emotional, social & spiritual by implementation of PANCH-KOSHA’s purification like Anna may- manomay-pranmay-vindyanmay & anandmay kosha respectively for self-development to national development.

Mission: Social development & integration of individuals, groups, communities of globe on the principle of, for the society, by the society & to the society.




Self-Development To National Development

To aware, educate, realise & empower the child, youngsters, adults & families to deliver their positive hidden potential by all means for self & national development by PANCH_KOSHA shuddhi.

Smart-Healthy Society

Health awareness to encourage communities for self-healthcare development and health promotion by AROGYA-RAKSHAK leaders from SOCIETY to aware-education-engagement the communities for making healthy society.

Strong Foundation Of Nation

Aware & engagement of schools for MISSION SURYA-NAMSKAR for each student to make them physically & mentally fit from childhood & educate them scientifically for  HEALTH MONITOR for their families.

Green Future

Aware & enrol the people for GREEN FUTURE, only one plant by every person will make the world greener for gift the healthy life to new generation.

Pollution Free Nation

Aware the present negative impact of waste against the positive impact of waste management with the help of self-help communities. To endorse the human rights and in particular the rights of the children and young people as well as the rights of underprivileged groups and communities;

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    Founder & CEO

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    Chief Finance Officer

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    VP Sales and Marketing

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